Thursday, February 25, 2010

Contraband Presidency - Security Alert!!!!

The attention of Association of Nigerian Online Militants has been drawn to the smuggling of a contraband item into the country from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The package was flown into the country on a white unregistered aircraft. It arrived at presidential wing of the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport on early hours of Wednesday morning, at about 1.30am.

According to sources, the unregistered aircraft carrier landed at the Abuja airport in the company of the presidential jet. It is unknown at this stage if there were other passengers on board both aircrafts.

It is believed that the contraband package was smuggled into the country with the aid of “unknown” soldiers. From our preliminary investigations, these unknown soldiers are alleged to have been deployed from the Nigerian Army 22nd Battalion Brigade. The soldiers took charge of the airport, while the staff were given marching orders.

As we know, President Umaru Yar’Adua is currently comatose; it is therefore unclear on whose orders the soldiers were acting. The Acting President has also denied any knowledge of any troops deployment.

The contraband package was alleged to have been transferred from the White unregistered aircraft to a White Ford E-250 bullion van. The last sighting of this bullion van was around the Presidential Villa at Aso Rock.

It is clear from all indication that, this is a well orchestrated crime. The perpetrators of this heinous crime are likely to be highly placed influential Nigerians. The audacity with which the smuggling was carried out is unprecedented in the history of our country.

Up until now, the location and content the contraband package remains unknown. The Nigerian online militants considers smuggling as a threat to the national security. In view of this, all security agencies across the nation have been notified. The nation’s borders have also been put on high alert.

The Nigerian Online Militants are particularly interested in the location of the White bullion van and its content. If anyone has any information on its whereabouts please contact your nearest internet militant via Facebook or Twitter.

We urge members of the public to remain calm. In your own interest, please do not approach the driver of this vehicle as he may be carrying dangerous weapon.


Association of Nigerian Online Militants (ANOM)



Anonymous said...

We all know that President Turai is behind this and those Bastard lead by Bankole rejected the Amendment to Section 144 of the constitution forget that Yar'adua term will soon end then let see what will happened to any other person in future

Peju Quadri said...

Wonder,wonder, wonder we in wonder land. It is only in Nigeria such show of shame can happen. But, we shall continue praying for the Almighty's intervention in all these mess.

Anonymous said...

can we all be sick in this country called NIGERIA? how, and why can we be looking like dondy like this and things are going from bad to worst every day before our very eyes,and yet we refuse to act?
Is this not the land of Wole Shoyika,Chinua Achebe, Fela Anikulakpo Kuti,Ken Saro Wiwa, Chukwuma Kaduna Nzogwu,Wale Ademoyega,Victor Banjo, Adaka Boro etc?
When are we going to do the do and use our constitutional rights, we the oppressed people? We need to start today a daily,weekly or monthly non violet demonstrations (and stop the talking) like as its done the world over.we are not alone .all the democratic world is behind us ,but we have to it ourselves without waiting for any Messiah.

No,i say no,no Messiah that will come to our aid and get us out this shit that we are been forced to wash with daily. we are the Messiahs of ourselves my fellow country men and women!time is running out if ever we have to stand up one day for our rights.