Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Era of Kleptocracy - An Audit Trail of Corruption

In view of the ongoing scandal in the nation’s financial sector, I tried to undertake an audit trail of how much has been reported stolen or misappropriated from the government treasury since the start of ‘kleptocratic’ governance in 1999. How the nation can still function with the level of thieving currently being experienced is beyond my imagination. And these is just at the federal government level. What about the state government? What about the local government, with little or no accountability?

But the key question still remains, how many people that are involved in the scams listed below have been successfully prosecuted? Yet, we have an EFCC, ICPC, and Police Force. How these figures compare to that of past military regimes will also be good to know. A good research topic you will say!

Nigeria! Great Nation!! Thieving Leaders!!!

CBN Banks/CEOs scandal – N747 billion

NNPC – N555 billion

COJA Games – N38 billion

Ministry of Aviation (Femi Fani-Kayode, et al) – N19.5 billion

Former IGP Tafa Balogun – N13 billion

NTA U-17 World Cup – N8.2 billion

Rural Electricity Agency bribery scam (Hon. Elumelu et al) -N5.2 billion

Ex Comptroller-General of Customs Ahmed Bello – N3 billion

Kellogg Brown and Root/Halliburton Bribery Scandal - $180 million

National Identity Card Project (Late Sunday Afolabi et al) - $214 million

Hon. Elumelu Power Probe – $16 billion

AG Siemens bribery scandal (Gen. Olanrewaju, Haruna Elewi et al) - $14 million

Wilbros bribery scandal - $6 million

Universal Basic Education Commission contract scam – N850 million

Hon. Patricia Etteh House Renovation Scam – N628 million

Ministry of Defence (Perm Sec et al) – N421 million

Minister of Health, Adenike Grange, and others – N300 million

Minister of Education, Fabian Osuji and others – N55 million

*This list does not include funds stolen or misappropriated by corrupt former governors.


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