Thursday, June 25, 2009

Presidential Race: My 5-Point Agenda

Friends and Comrades,

After serious consideration and extensive consultation with my political supporters, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring for 2011 Presidential elections. You will agree with me that the race for Aso Rock has begun to gather momentum, and therefore, it is only right that I launch my Presidential bid.

We are a nation at a crossroad. Our leaders have continued to fail us. Our nation’s infrastructure is in state of comatose. As a result of this continuous decay, every previous government have been made to look better by the ineptitude of its successor. My aim is to salvage our great nation from the shackles that has held us down since independence.

Moving forward, I hereby outline my 5-point Agenda, which focuses on Energy, Infrastructure, Niger Delta, Economy and Anti-corruption.

All attention will be focussed on resuscitating the nation’s ailing power sector. Fellow Nigerians, I can promise you that epileptic power supply will be a thing of the past.

Since we are now so much dependent on generators, I intend to meet with Chinese manufacturers within my first 100 days in office. I will encourage production of “disposable generators”. My aim is to make power supply affordable to every Nigerian. Nigerians should be able to own 3-4 generators has they do with mobile phones. These generators will be cheap and affordable for all households. In recognition of the impact of climate change, these generators will be made of recyclable materials.

I will also make sure that the manufacturing industries are established in Nigeria to facilitate knowledge transfer and skills development. This will be through government grants and tax breaks for interested companies.

The government has demonstrated its ineptitude in building and maintaining the nation’s infrastructure. I will therefore actively seek private sector participation in nation building. All federal-owned highways and railways will be sold to the private sector, who will be allowed to charge as much toll as they wish in order to keep the transport system functioning. The private-sector will be allowed to plan and develop new roads and railways, in return for their investment. Government-owned Corporation and Authorities such as Nigerian Railway Corporation, Inland Waterways Authority will be sold off to the private sector.

The nation’s refineries will be sold to Messrs Femi Otedola and Aliko Dangote. NITEL will be sold to Otunba Mike Adenuga. All the nation’s airports will be sold to Bi-Courtney.

Niger Delta
Desperate situation they say “requires desperate measures”. The militancy in the Delta region must stop! However, it clear that military action is not the answer. In dealing with the Niger Delta crisis, I will initiate a Resource Re-distribution Plan. The RRP will include proposals to allocate oil blocks to Niger Delta militants. Foreign oil companies engaged in business in the area will also be forced to enter into agreement with local militants for provision of security.

I will continue to strengthen our nation’s economy through creation of more Oligarchs. Government-owned Corporation and infrastructure will be sold to businessmen who have distinguished themselves in the area of business entrepreneurship. The wealth of the nation will be concentrated in the hands of these few individuals, some of whom are currently biggest importers of rice, cement, diesel etc. This will guarantee long term economic security. These Oligarchs will also be consulted in major banking and finance reforms. They will responsible for nominating the Governor of Central Bank.

I’m ardent believer in the anti-corruption struggle. I will continue to respect the principle of “rule of law” as promoted by the Yar’Adua government. It is also believe the former Governors have a critical role to play in fighting corruption. The Yoruba adage says "only a thief can unravel the mystery of theft"

In tackling corruption I propose the following. Firstly I will absolve the Office of the President from the appointment of Chairman of EFCC and ICPC. Secondly, within 100 days in office, I will forward a Bill to the Parliament seeking to recognise the Governors’ Forum in the Nation’s constitution. Following that, the Governor’s Forum will be tasked with responsibility of selection and appointment of the Chairman of EFCC and ICPC.

In addition, I propose to amend the EFCC and ICPC Acts, so that only former State Governors are allowed to head the nation’s anti-corruption agencies.

Comrades, I believe this represents a blue-print for moving our nation forward.

Nigeria! Great Nation!! Good People!!!

Concerned Nigerian (June 2009)


Anonymous said...

Nice one here, i am willing to support you 100% if only u will ensure that i am selected as a member of your kitchen cabinet,ensure that my companies are awarded juicy contracts such as the recyclable generator stuffs,maintain and retain my humble self in the corridors of power throughout your tenure(like what some ex-deputy gov. in a SW state is presently lobbying for) and above all,grant me life long immunity from EFCC, ICPC and the


@Dammy, don't worry I will appoint as my Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs. And you will be the next "Andy Uba"!